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 - ' in to Risk-Free is at New Pill Relieves That...
' in to Risk-Free is at New Pill Relieves That Bursting Bladder Feeling New Double-Blind Double-Blind Double-Blind Clinical Study Shows UriVarx Can Reduce Urgency, Leakage and Incontinence... It Can Even Reduce Nighttime Trips To The Bathroom NEW YORK, NY - Frequent, uncontrollable urination is no laughing matter. Add it to all of the other stresses in life and it can be nothing short of a nightmare. That helpless feeling of your bladder bursting and the worry of not making it to the bathroom in time can be absolutely terrifying. The loss of dignity and the fear and embarrassment of "not making it" creates one of the most difficult health problems, you'll ever deal with. But you're not alone with your bladder issues. According to The National Institute of Health, as many as 33 million Americans are affected by bladder control problems, exactly like those described above. Bladder Problems... The One Secret You'll Never Tell According to Dr. Tracey Seipel, a longtime longtime clinician and one of the world's leading experts in the natural treatment of bladder control issues, "Most people who have overactive bladders choose to keep their problems a secret." In fact, she went on to say, "They don't even tell their spouse or families about it. It affects their lives in every way, influencing where they go, and even what they will wear in case they have an accident." And forget about making a fashion statement, according to Dr. Seipel, "Black is the color of choice, as it can hide evidence of public accidents." But bladder control issues may now be a thing of the past. That's because a 100 natural, drug-free drug-free drug-free aid developed by Dr. Seipel and her team is now available. In the double blind placebo control clinical trials published on, the 150 patients enrolled in this powerful clinical trial and who took UriVarx for eight weeks experienced a large and statistically significant reduction in overactive bladder and urinary incontinence symptoms. Amazing Clinical Results Starting at 60 Days Patients using UriVarx (after 8 short weeks) experience a mind blowing: Reduction in Urge Incontinence Reduction in Stress Incontinence Reduction in Urinary Urgency Reduction in Urinary Frequency Reduction in Nocturia (bedtime episodes) The proprietary formulation called UriVarx was clinically tested and proven to reduce incontinence, stress incontinence, urgency, frequency and nocturia (having to go at night). Some participants even reported complete reversal of their nocturia within 2 weeks! UriVarx Dr. Seipel's formula has completely changed the life of Brandy W., a 45 year-old year-old year-old mother of three from Brisbane, CA. Brandy stated, "I had a high bladder frequency as a child, but my frequency really worsened after the birth of my first child." After a friend told her about UriVarx, Brandy decided to give it a try. "After 2 weeks, I already noticed changes" said Brandy. She went on to say, "I was finding that although I felt I needed to urinate, I wasn't as desperate to run to the toilet. Now, when I get up in the morning, I'm able to make the coffee and even have a cup before needing to go, which is a great improvement!" How Does It Work? "UriVarx helps support bladder health by revitalizing bladder tone and function and by helping support kidney health", says Dr. Seipel. "The active ingredients promote normal urinary frequency and they reduce urgency, nocturia and those embarrassing accidents", adds Dr. Seipel. "The compound invigorates the tone of the bladder wall, assisting a healthy level of firmness by enhancing the bladder's muscular elasticity. This reduces the frequent urge to urinate", Dr. Seipel explains. Positive and Strong Clinical Studies This natural drug-free drug-free drug-free blend recently shocked the medical community with its overwhelmingly positive results in a new published clinical study. Study participants were randomized and assigned to either a treatment group or a placebo group at two separate facilities. Both groups were monitored for a variety of bladder symptoms at week two, four and eight during the 2-month 2-month 2-month study. At the end of the study, those receiving UriVarx showed significant improvements in all symptoms, including day frequency, night frequency and urgency. And what was even more impressive were the quality Finally a clinically proven pill solution to ease all your bladder problems. of life improvements the test subjects experienced. A full 84 of those taking UriVarx said "Yes!" to the question... "Have you had any benefit from your treatment?" Compared to only 18 of the placebo group. Results like these are not surprising to Dr. Seipel who single-handedly single-handedly single-handedly pioneered the bladder care category in the early 2000's, receiving an award for her work from the prestigious U.S. Nutrition Business Journal. The patented formula consists of a proprietary blend of select, synergistically paired botanicals. All chosen because of their ability to support healthy urinary and kidney function, maintain the health of the urinary tract and improve bladder tone. Dr. Seipel searched for over 15 years to find the perfect nutrients for her blend. International Decrease In Adult Diaper Use "Over-active "Over-active "Over-active bladder syndrome is a widely spread problem," says Dr. Seipel. Many of the individuals are forced to wear adult diapers. And insiders in the adult diaper market are keeping a close eye on Dr. Seipel's research. They don't want to lose their good customers like 78 year-old year-old year-old retired teacher Glenda B. Glenda wore adult diapers every day to guard against accidents. "My bladder capacity was good, but the leakage and the accidents would occur without warning. So I wore them every day," confessed Glenda. Since Glenda discovered Dr. Seipel's Bladder Control formula, you won't find her shopping in the adult diaper section of the store anymore. "After only two months on UriVarx, I reduced my need to wear my diapers. Now I manage very well, thank you," says Glenda. And Glenda' s results are similar to many in a recent study. In fact, of those who reported using adult diapers at the beginning of the study 75 of them no longer needed them after just 8 weeks, compared to only 5 of the placebo group. Enlarged Prostate or Bladder Issues? Symptoms of an overactive bladder can mimic those caused by an enlarged prostate, confusing many men. Dr. Seipel explains, "Prostate enlargement restricts urine flow. The bladder compensates for this by trying harder and harder to push urine out." As pressure in the bladder increases, so do instances of urinary urgency and frequency. Long after prostate issues are handled, many men still experience the same symptoms, thanks to their now overactive bladder. Great Results Whether You're a Man or a Woman "Because male and female bladders, other than size are identical," says D. Seipel, "The formula works equally well for both men and women." "It's a his-and-hers his-and-hers his-and-hers his-and-hers his-and-hers formula, "she grins. David M., a 46 year old male can attest to this. "I was having to go to the toilet every hour or so and I had to go to the toilet at least four times per night." For weeks after starting UriVarx, David says, "My trips to the toilet have definitely reduced and I'm having much better sleep, getting up maybe once per night." If you're ready to alleviate the uncontrollable urge to urinate, forcing you to make frantic trips to the bathroom, and instead want the confidence and security that a healthier bladder can bring to your life, here's your risk free opportunity. Telegraph-Forum Telegraph-Forum Telegraph-Forum Readers Qualify for a Special Discount To encourage you to experience the life-changing life-changing life-changing effect UriVarx can have, Innovus Pharmaceuticals is offering a special discount for Telegraph-Forum Telegraph-Forum Telegraph-Forum readers -but -but only for a very limited time. An order Hotline has been set up for local readers. Simply call 1-800-725-2259. 1-800-725-2259. 1-800-725-2259. 1-800-725-2259. 1-800-725-2259. 1-800-725-2259. 1-800-725-2259. Supplies are limited, so they will only be taking orders for the next 72 hours. If you miss this opportunity, you may have to wait until the next production run in a few weeks. We expect phone lines to be busy, so please be patient. THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FDA. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE, OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. RESULTS MAY VARY.

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